Welcome to Town & Country Cleaners

Town and Country Cleaners have been trading since 1976 and was incorporated in 1990. The Company is owned by three Directors who work full time in the company.

We are great at what we do because we listen carefully to what our customers say. Our thorough understanding of your needs enables us to deliver a trouble free service that works in harmony with your business.

Our aim is to meet total customer satisfaction with our quality led service and expertise.

Through more than thirty-nine years trading we have built a wealth of technical knowledge and can excellently service many different types of contracts from communal areas in housing blocks, school cleaning and daily office cleaning to abseiling window cleaning, deep cleaning in operating theatres and laboratory cleaning to Class 100,000.

We are based in the South of England but are expanding into all areas of the country to meet customers' needs.

Our genuine desire to do an outstanding job with value for money means you will receive excellent cleaning standards and will need little input in your cleaning.


Education Cleaning

We have a proven track record in cleaning education establishments from nurseries through to Academies.

Housing Sector

We know that a clean and pleasant home environment can add to the well-being of Residents.

Daily Office Cleaning

We have a high level of expertise with proven methods of management and service delivery in this area.

Window Cleaning

We are experts in all methods and means of access for window cleaning including water fed pole systems, abseiling, cradle and mobile platform.

Hospital and clinical area cleaning

We provide exceptional levels of understanding and careful project planning for this complex area of cleaning.

Facilities Management

Added value is achieved by packaging daily cleaning into the wider facilities management requirements of our customers.